#1 My first art in Chile. TIME (Chile, Santiago)

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Art is the only thing that i am crazy about.
And i love this work because of its shape.
Each my work has its own music composition, this one is not an exception.
I will appreciate it a lot if you find Hans Zimmer — Time and will try to feel the energy.

Title: Time
Artist: Hanna Tsybulskaya
Size: 60.4 cm x 73.1 cm (not framed)
Format: foam board
Year: 2015
Note: For sale

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Топот Котов
Hi Hanna! Nice to meet you here. balloon Do you speek Russian btw? =) May I also recommend you to set «tile» option for background pattern so it will fit the screen on any device…
Да, я прекрасно говорю по-русски wink Спасибо, я обязательно разберусь, как тут все работает.
Will stay in touch
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